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Human Development & Family Science Courses

Stay on top of your curriculum and take advantage of your classroom opportunities. Our curriculum is designed so you can have hands-on experiences from the very beginning through service learning assignments.

If you ever need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to your advisor.

View the human development and family science 4-year plan to see what courses you’ll need to take.

201. Diverse Families. (3,0,3). Factors affecting family relationships and adjustments with emphasis on making knowledgeable choices.

243. Human Sexuality. (3,0,3) Physiological, psychological, and social aspects of sexual development throughout the life span.  Sexual involvement and decision making in interpersonal relationships.

339. Human Development: Early Childhood. (2,2,3). Factors influencing individual differences in development.  Physical, cognitive, affective, and social domains of growth and interaction among domains.  Observation at UL Lafayette Nursery School Laboratory.

350. Family Resource Management. (3,0,3). Goal setting and decision-making; development and allocation of resources; social environment influences; life cycle and family structure influences. 

359. Human Development: Adolescent to Young Adulthood. (3,0,3). Physical, emotional, cognitive, social, moral, and personality changes of individuals.

370. Research Methods and Evaluations in HDFS (3.0.3). Research methods and evaluation skills in HDFS, including sampling, collecting data, and statistical analysis, will be learned. Restr: Second year standing (at least 30 hours completed) and HDFS major only.

431(G). Human Development: Gerontology. (3,0,3). Individual and family issues of people ages 55 and older. Prereq: HDFS 201 or CAFS 323

432(G). Families in Crisis. (3,0,3). Ways diverse families react to and resolve crises.  Emphasis on nature of crises, impact on family functioning, and methods of prevention and management.  Prereq: HDFS 201 or CAFS 323

437. Interactions with Young Children. (1,3,3). Designing environments appropriate to developmental needs of young children.  Impact of social and environmental conditions on direct and indirect guidance techniques.  Includes participation at UL Lafayette Nursery School Laboratory. Prereq: HDFS 339 or CAFS 339. Restr: Seniors in HDFS major only

439(G). Parent-Child Relations. (3,0,3). Socio-cultural and environmental conditions affecting families with children.  How parents teach, guide and influence children over the lifespan.  .  Prereq: HDFS 201 or CAFS 323 & HDFS 339 or CAFS 339

440. Family  Law and Public Policy. (3,0,3). Legal definitions, rights, and responsibilities. Policy and advocacy skill development. 

445: Family Life Education and Ethics (3,0,3). Planning, implementing and evaluating family life education programs for diverse audiences. Character and quality of human social conduct and the ability to critically examine ethical questions and issues. Restr: HDFS majors only, semester prior to internship

447. Internship in Child and Family Studies. (1,10,6). Class meetings and supervised observation and participation through placement at a family service agency.  Prereq: HDFS 432 or CAFS 432 & HDFS 445 or CAFS 433.  Restr: Graduating seniors in HDFS w/ 2.0 cumulative GPA.

497(G). Special Projects I. (3 each). Individual research or writing projects.  Restr: Permission of instructor required.